Getting Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

Qualifying for a home loan isn’t what it used to be, especially compared to what it was prior to the collapse of the industry. That doesn’t mean that those who wish to buy should be discouraged. Just as there are many types of buyers, there are many home loan options designed to help everyone from:

  • First-time buyers
  • Those who are re-entering the market after foreclosure or default
  • Established, seasoned homeowners with a strong buying history

Approving borrowers for a loan is a process based on a standard set of guidelines that are determined by which type of loan program the buyer qualifies for. With the help of a residential mortgage lender that has the knowledge and experience to make it happen, getting pre-approved for a home loan is possible for many types of buyers.

Getting pre-approved for a home loan doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it does require the borrower to satisfy a few criteria: having a down payment ready, ensuring that enough time has passed since a foreclosure or bankruptcy and making any necessary credit repairs are the primary tasks involved. If you still have tasks to check off the list, we can present you with a road map to hit those milestones on a practical timeline. Clearing those hurdles will be your responsibility. After that, your job is done and ours begins.

Having an experienced mortgage professional in your corner is the key to qualifying for a home loan in this current buyer’s market. Home Loan Solutions can let you know what to expect, what you need to do on your end and keep you informed on what we’re doing to help your loan get approved. We look forward to helping you meet your goal of getting pre-approved for a home loan – as much as you look forward to receiving a new set of keys.