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Spousal Benefits And VA Mortgages In Orange County

September 7, 2018

Spousal Benefits And VA Mortgages In Orange County

VA mortgages are designed to support veterans and active service members buying a home, with the goal being to help each get into a house that they can afford, without needing to worry about having a down payment ready.
But VA benefits also extend to surviving spouses of veterans and other service members. If you are a qualifying surviving spouse looking for a home in Orange County, CA, a VA loan can help you and your family get settled.
Eligibility Requirements For VA Mortgage Spousal Benefits
There are typically three situations in which spouses qualify for VA loans:
You have not remarried and are the spouse of a veteran or service member who died while on active duty or from a disability related to their service.
You are the spouse of an active service member held as a prisoner of war or missing in action.
You receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) due to the non-service related death of a veteran.
How To Get A VA Mortgage In Orange County As A Surviving Spouse
In order to get your VA home loan, you’ll need to apply with a lender of your choice that offers these loan types. You’ll verify your eligibility either through the VA’s website or directly with the lender, and can then start shopping for homes that fall within the loan limits for Orange County, which are currently $679,650.
The Most Significant Benefits Of VA Loans For Spouses
The most significant benefit of VA loans is that they require no down payment so long as your loan is within the VA’s limits. You‘ll also have access to support resources that can help you understand your benefits in greater detail, and because you’ll work with a local lender, you won’t have to go out of your way to talk to someone about your loan.

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