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You CAN Become a Homeowner—Taking Fear and Anxiety Out of Homeownership

Are your dreams of owning a home overshadowed by fear—fear of not qualifying for a loan – fear of not having a sufficient down payment, or fear you’ll be house-poor once you purchase the home? I…
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Impact of Fed’s Rate Increase on Mortgage Rates

Impact Of Fed’s Rates Increase On Mortgage Rates So you want to know what happens to mortgage rates when the Feds increase rates? Since mortgage rates respond to market forces, you need to know that…
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Buying A Home In A Higher Trending Interest Rate Market

There is still good news despite currently being in a higher interest rate market. And that is that we’re still at levels that are historically low overall. Therefore, if you’re not buying a home …
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Preparing To Buy Your First Home

So you have decided to buy your first home, right? Congratulations. Just like so many other people, you have reached the point in your life at which buying your own home becomes one of the most reason…
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