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Go Green With A VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan

May 4, 2018

Go Green With A VA Cash-Out Refinance Loan

Is your home in need of a facelift?

Old appliances and outdated systems can have your home running in less-than-peak efficiency. While your old products may look dated, they likely aren’t working as well as they once did, which can quickly make your utility bills skyrocket.

Instead, focusing on ways to make your home greener and energy efficient means newer appliances and systems that take advantage of technology upgrades, and a lower monthly bill for your utilities.

But how can you get the money to renovate your home to be more efficient? With a VA cash-out refinance loan, you can take your house into the 21st century.

How To Get A VA Cash Out Refinance Loan

If you want some extra money to do renovations to make your home more green, a VA cash-out refinance allows you to refinance your existing mortgage with the option of taking out extra cash to use now, with that amount bundled into your total new mortgage and payments.

You’ll want to find a local lender, so if you have a home in Orange County, look for local listings to locate a bank or other mortgage lender that knows your area. From there, you’ll need to prove your eligibility for a VA loan, agree to the terms, and make sure to pay off your new mortgage responsibly.

Ways To Use A VA Cash Out Refinance For Energy-Efficiency

What can you do with the cash you get from a refinance? Anything you want! However, when you’re using that money to make your home greener, you’re also adding value to it, with the additional benefit of saving money on your utilities.

Ideal areas to focus on when making your home more energy efficient include:

  • Replacing kitchen appliances with energy efficient models
  • Adding windows and skylights for more natural lighting, particularly if you have real estate in Orange County and Southern California
  • Ensuring insulation is doing its job throughout your home
  • Updating or replacing water heaters and HVAC systems
  • Adding low-flow toilets and showerheads to reduce water consumption

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