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New Home or Old Home? How Property Age Can Affect Your Real Estate Search in Corona California

August 3, 2018

New Home or Old Home? How Property Age Can Affect Your Real Estate Search in Corona California

When you’re in the market for a new home in a place like Corona, CA, you may find that you’re faced with a big decision: should I buy a new house, or an old one? There’s something to be said about being the first or second person to inhabit a property, but there’s also the magic of old, historic houses to consider. Corona offers a unique chance to live in homes built as far back as the 1800’s while surrounded by the conveniences of modern life.
If you’re shopping for real estate in Corona, CA, ask yourself how each property’s age will affect your costs and happiness, now and in the future.
Pros: Old Homes
Character: Most of these properties have a unique style compared to newer homes around them.
Hardier Construction: If your home has been around for over a hundred years yet the foundation and essential elements are still standing strong, you know that property will be able to withstand anything that comes at it.
Bigger Lots: New construction homes are typically built on chopped-up lots, while you’re likely to find more land to spread out with a historic home.
Mature Landscaping: In areas where there’s been little construction or change to the properties, you’re likely to have older trees and lusher landscape.
Pros: New Homes
Ready-to-go: You won’t need to think about replacing roofs or updating systems for years to come.
Modern Kitchens: A vintage bungalow may not come with room for a dishwasher, but a new home will include all of the modern conveniences you expect.
Warranty: California builders must offer a 10-year warranty to buyers, so you know that you’re getting the right service upfront.
Code-compliant: Your home will be up to code when you buy it.
New Feels Good: For some people, knowing you are the first person to use a bathtub or kitchen sink is the best feeling in the world.
Cons: Old Homes
Constant Maintenance: If your floors are sagging or your roof needs repair, you could find a bit more maintenance required to upkeep your older home.
Old Systems: When you’re looking at an old home it may not have updated plumbing or wiring systems, which can be expensive to replace.
Smaller Spaces: Don’t expect massive closets or separate storage areas in an old home.
More Money: Older homes often come at a premium, typically because they are optimally located and have larger lots than other comparable homes.
Cons: New Homes
Lack of Individuality: You may be located next to twenty other homes that look just like yours.
Lack of Landscaping: Builders may put in some trees and shrubbery, but it can be years before they start taking shape.
Breaking in The House: From the foundation settling to problems with pipe setup, you’re the one who is breaking in the new house.