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5 Quick Renovations That Will Improve Your Home’s Value

February 15, 2018

5 Quick Renovations That Will Improve Your Home’s Value

Everyone has something they wish they could have as part of their home. An indoor pool? Yes, please. A bat cave? Well – maybe.

For most people, renovating a property will come down to need. When something doesn’t work anymore or is too outdated, it’s time to spruce it up. In these cases, renovations are adding value to your property because anyone else who lived there would need the same work. However, when you start spending big money to make very personal changes that may not be appreciated by another owner, you may be decreasing the amount you would get should you decide to sell.

Before you start taking steps to convert your master closet into an aquarium, consider these five renovations that will improve your home’s value in the long run.

  1. Landscaping: Do you own real estate in Orange County? Take advantage of the climate and spruce up your outdoor greenery. Not only will you have plenty of growth in the future should you decide to sell, but you’ll also have your own oasis to enjoy.
  2. Kitchen cabinets: Cabinet doors are easy to swap out and can dramatically change the look of a space. Consider redoing old and outdated cabinet layouts for a more modern look and feel.
  3. Decks and patios: If you aren’t using decks, porches, or outdoor space optimally, consider updating with new flooring and a coat of paint. Give your Corona real estate a lovely paved patio, and both you and any future owners will have comfortable outdoor space.
  4. Windows: Often we don’t update things like windows until one breaks. But you may be able to save money on your utilities and be greener with updated windows. If you have a house in Riverside County, you can get windows that help reflect the heat to keep things cooler.
  5. Bathroom updates: From reglazing tubs to repairing caulk, most of what you can do to improve a bathroom is inexpensive, but also impactful.

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